Should You Consider Hiring a Business Coach?

Inc Magazine published a great article about Business Coaches. Business Coaching- Do you need one? It describes 4 different types of coaches – Life, Business or Executive, Media and Negotiation. I am a small business coach. Although I specialize in the water treatment industry I coach owners of business to business entities as well.

Coaching Business Owners

Business Coaching

Typically a coach can help with:

  • Accountability
  • Building a management team
  • Working through personnel issues
  • Increasing valuations
  • Selling a business

I have experience growing a company and talk with fellow business owners frequently.  I’m familiar with the excuses we give for not reaching our goals.

  • Too busy
  • Coaches are too expensive
  • I know what I’m doing, I just can’t get to it.

I hired a coach to help me increase the value of my business. He was the facilitator of a CEO forum I attended. Although not from the water treatment industry, he was familiar with me and my business.

With his help I guided my company toward achieving my valuation goal. He worked one on one with me and facilitated our semi-annual strategic planning sessions. How did he help?

  • Delegation & Accountability
    • During our strategy sessions I watched as he delegated assignments to members of our management team. I learned how to do the same in my day to day activities.
    • He held me accountable and I held my team accountable. Initially we met monthly to make sure I stayed on track.  With practice I got better at holding myself and the team accountable and reduced the frequency of the coaching sessions.
  • Focus
    • He made aware of my tendency to do work I was comfortable with rather than the more challenging job of working on my business.
  • Metrics
    • We targeted the metrics most important to achieving my goal and measured them, without fail, monthly.

Not everyone needs a coach. The information you need is on the internet, in books and magazines, even on TV.  A disciplined approach and time is all it takes. If you’re not getting anywhere month after month give me a call.  A simple monthly phone call or meeting may do the job.  Your first session is no charge.

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