ShedWater LLC Welcomes Joe Urbans

ShedWater changed its focus a couple years ago when I partnered with my brother, Michael Urbans, to form Urbans Aqua LLC.  It’s successful and demands much of my attention. As a result I’ve stepped away from consultation.  I’m happy to consult with water treatment professionals but keeping track of the time and their results and charging a fee isn’t my thing. 

Ecomix Distributed by ShedWater

WQA Certified Ecomix

I’m transactional. I sell, you buy, I support you in anyway I can. This explains why I continue to import and sell Ecomix®. It’s a boutique business, I love Ecomix® and the RObust RO’s but I’ve not pushed hard enough. Enter my other brother, Joe Urbans! Joe has a strong water treatment background having worked at Res-Kem many years ago. He continued with the company after it was acquired by Nalco. He decided to retire more than a year ago and was kicking around for something to do. SO – I invited him to help grow the ShedWater business. Expect to hear from Joe in the near future, we are running an ad and have listed the distributors on this WEBSITE. If it’s responsiveness you’re looking for Joe’s your guy!

While ShedWater and Urbans Aqua have shared ownership, they don’t compete.  If you want learn more about Ecomix®  call Joe at 267-290-8741 or contact a ShedWater distributor.

What’s next?  I don’t know.  I can tell  you this though – I’ve run out of siblings………