ECOMIX for Iron, Hardness, Manganese & Tannin Removal

ECOMIX C reduces hardness, iron, manganese and tannins*.
Install it in a single tank. It operates just like a softener.

Why install two tanks when one could work?*
Use ECOMIX C in a water softener to save space and solve multiple water treatment problems.

  • Hardness
  • Soluble Iron (ferrous, organic & colloidal)
  • Manganese
  • Tannins (TOC)*

ECOMIX C comes fully blended from the factory and is stocked in full bags (0.88 cubic feet) and half bags (0.44 cubic feet).  It can be used for residential and commercial water applications. Download Specification Sheet

*Additional treatment may be required.  Tannin removal may be difficult to achieve where the residence has a shallow well and is close to surface water – lakes, ponds, swamps, etc. 

When to use Ecomix C

Water treatment professionals don’t use Ecomix C for easy to treat hard water.  Dealers use Ecomix C when the solution for problem water requires more than one treatment method and tank.  

Here are several examples of when you could apply it:  

When to use Ecomix

Ecomix Layers

Simply load and regenerate the Ecomix, then operate the system like a water softener. Once regenerated with plain water softener salt it self-classifies into 5 layers.

It includes two unique medias. The inert layer and Ferrosorb® layers reduce soluble iron (ferrous, organic & colloidal) and manganese by adsorption and oxidation.  The layer of HumiSorb® reduces natural organic matter (tannins or TOC).   The cation resin softens the water and a quartz support bed ensures uniform flow across the vessel.

The incoming pH of the treated water is NOT affected.

Typical Installation

Water Quality Limitations – Try the easy to use calculator!

  • Hardness – 44 grains, 750 ppm
  • Iron – 15 ppm
  • Manganese – 3 ppm
  • Tannins – 5 ppm*

Ecomix Calculator

Conditions for Operation

  • Upper distributor basket required
  • Water Temperature -Maximum 100° F (38° C)
  • pH Range – 5-9; pH of the water is not affected
  • Bed depth 20″ min. – 32″ optimum
  • Freeboard – 40% of bed depth
  • Service flow rate – 8-10 gpm per sq. ft.
  • Backwash/fast rinse – 4-6 gpm per sq. ft.
  • Regeneration -1.2 – 2 gpm per sq. ft.
  • Exchange capacity – 11,500 grains per bag
  • Free Chlorine <0.2 ppm

*Treatment of tannins may not be a “one tank” solution.  In tannin applications please contact ShedWater or your water professional to discuss options.  In most cases we recommend post treatment with activated carbon to completely remove color bodies (or tannins) from well water.

Water in shallow wells close to surface water might be a mixture of well and surface water and may have higher than normal TOC and color. It could be microbiologically contaminated. In these situations, Ecomix C is applicable but additional treatment may be required. We recommend paying attention to the color of the water and doing a tannin test. Tannins may be tested by a certified lab or other test kit such as the LaMotte test kits.  (This kit requires a 30-minute wait before the results are indicated.) Once complete, please send the water analysis and the tannin test results with a picture of the water in a white bucket to your water treatment specialist.

ECOMIX is certified in compliance with NSF/ANSI standards: 44-Residential Cation Exchange Softeners: 61-Drinking Water System Components-Health Effects; 372-Drinking Water System Components Lead Content.

Water treatment professionals use ECOMIX filtration to treat potable water for residential, commercial and industrial applications. It was developed and patented in 1998 in Ukraine, is manufactured in Germany, and stocked in the US and Canada.

Download MSDS

Download a copy of Frequently Asked Questions

Canadian Customers please contact: Andrew R MacDonald Sales
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