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ShedWater LLC Welcomes Joe Urbans

ShedWater changed its focus a couple years ago when I partnered with my brother, Michael Urbans, to form Urbans Aqua LLC.  It’s successful and demands much of my attention. As a result I’ve stepped away from consultation.  I’m happy to consult with water treatment professionals but keeping track of the time and their results and […]

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Should You Consider Hiring a Business Coach?

Inc Magazine published a great article about Business Coaches. Business Coaching- Do you need one? It describes 4 different types of coaches – Life, Business or Executive, Media and Negotiation. I am a small business coach. Although I specialize in the water treatment industry I coach owners of business to business entities as well. Typically

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Business Plan – Include Failure Metrics

Who plans for failure? I’ve enjoyed participating in various CEO groups throughout my career.  I listened carefully and often took advice that helped me grow professionally.  I felt less isolated knowing my problems weren’t uncommon. Misery loves company right?  At one of our meetings, I shared my plan to open a new office in Florida. 

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Consultant or Coach?

Consultants As a business owner I hired consultants from time to time. For example, when we built our first DI regeneration plant we hired a consultant who was a retiree of a major supplier of DI Exchange bottles and mobile DI systems. He designed, supervised and operated regeneration plants. Even though we knew how to

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